Customizing Apparel with your Logo or design is an ideal way to showcase your brand in real time.

Here at Cyborgraphics Inc. we specialize in Screen Printing on any Garment whether you provide the items or we can supply them. Custom screen-printed shirts and apparel is a great compliment to sports teams, school pride, clothing lines, holiday events, corporate branding and substantially more.

Printing Service

 Screen Printing 


Submit request

To begin the process, submit a "Request Quote" form, or simply contact our shop via email. Be very descriptive with your request with quantity, sizes, garment style(s), garment color(s).

Minimum Quantity: 24pcs


Please send in your artwork/design/logo via email in order to process the estimate for you. Please send FILES in following formats: .AI .EPS .PDF VECTOR or a Hi Res .PNG or JPEG


Accept Estimate

Once all the necessary information from your request has been collected, we will send over an estimate for you to review and accept. We will do our best to respond as quickly and efficient as possible.


Artwork Approval

As soon as quote is agreed upon, we will email you a digital mock up of what the finished product will look like. Once artwork is approved we can move forward.


Please note: any changes after the approval has been made will be an additional charge.


Make Payment

When the whole project has all been approved, you will receive a payable invoice. We accept cash or check as well.

*please note: production will not begin unless payment has been completed.



We strive to keep and make the quality top notch to provide the client with the best service the best we can. We try our best to have all orders completed, boxed, shipped or ready to pick up within 10 to 14 business days after payment has been made. 

*Note: shipping is an additional cost.