There's no doubt that the most important piece of equipment to play soccer is having a good ball. Regardless of the surface you are playing on, the one constant that you need is a good ball that flies true, holds its shape, and doesn't absorb a lot of water when it gets wet.

The Adidas 2017 NFHS MLS Top Training Soccer Ball is called "top training" for a reason. This ball combines some of Adidas' best ball technology with a lower price to create an almost unbeatable deal. Engineered with durable thermoplastic polyurethane, this ball can make it through any test you put it through on the field. Adidas' TSBE technology creates a seamless surface to enable precise, beautiful first touches and cut back on water absorption. The white, silver, and black colorway is just the icing on the cake that is this terrific training ball, combining subtle color with a bold, patriotic design to create a really cool, interesting look.

NFHS MLS Top Training Ball (Size 5)

  • The ball boasts a print of the USA and Canada flags all over that pops against a stark white background that will stand out on pitch.
  • High quality materials in the cover, backing and bladder help to provide next level match ball performance.
  • Thermally bonded, seamless surface for a more predictable flight path, better touch, and less water uptake.